How to Learn WordPress in 7 Days

Hello! do you want to learn WordPress or to create a website with WordPress if Yes you are in the right place, here you will know about How to Learn WordPress in 7 Days for free.

Learn WordPress in 7 Days

Learn WordPress in 7 Days

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) using we can build any kind of professional website or Blog. WordPress is easy to use even if you have no knowledge about programming then it will be best for you.

Why learn WordPress?

WordPress is the world’s most popular website builder, in other words, we can say that we can build any type of website by using it.

After learning it we can create our own blog to earn through Google Adsense and also you can provide WordPress website designing or development services on any freelancing platform.

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How to Learn WordPress

Now we are on the main topic of our article how we can learn WordPress in just 7 Days for Free. Many courses are available on Google, Youtube to learn it but for that, you need to invest your 2-3 months, but what if you want to learn it in seven days.

To learn it in a short time you need to search on Youtube “How to Install WordPress on Localhost”, after searching just watch one video and you successfully learned to install WordPress.

Tip: You need Xampp Server and WordPress

After doing this just search on youtube about WordPress Basics, just watch one video for it after watching one or two videos you will learn about the dashboard of WordPress. After this just search on Youtube How to create commerce website. As a result, you will see a video upload by Nayyar Shaikh. This video will be about 3 hours long. Just download it and do practical that you will see in that video. Just invest your 2 days in this tutorial and you will learn most of the part of WordPress through this video tutorial.

I hope after watching this tutorial you will know all about WordPress, Plugins, and customizations. After watching this video just Search on Youtube “How to build News blog using WordPress”. You will see many tutorials just watch one or two of them. After this, you will know about many of the plugins. in this way, you can learn WordPress in short time.

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