How to Start a Blog to Earn Money in 2020

Hello! do you want to learn how to start a blog in 2020 to make money?

My name is Sarmad and in this article, I will describe how you can create your first blog to earn money. Before starting the blog you need to know why you are going to start Would you like to impart something, similar to a message or a thought? Would you like to construct a network around your affection for a reason? Would you like to keep your followers and fans refreshed on what’s the most recent with your image?  If YES please don’t waste your time follow these steps and start now.

How to start a blog

How to start a blog

6 Steps to Start a Blog

  1. Select the best Niche 
  2. Choosing a Blogging Platform
  3. Select Domain & Hosting provider
  4. Starting with WordPress
  5. Post your content & promote
  6. Make Money

Select a perfect Niche for your Blog

The first step is the planning and the selecting niche for your blog. Blog Niche depends on your interest or the information you have. It also depends on what audience demand. You can start a blog on the following niches as following below.

  • Technology
  • News
  • Jobs
  • Traveling
  • Study Information
  • Health & Beauty
  • Wealth Building
  • Make Money on the Internet

Choosing a Blogging Platform

The second step is to select a blogging platform if you want to go with free you can use Blogger by Google, and if you want to start with a small investment you can select the self-hosted platform You have several choices when it comes to self-hosted systems (also called a Content Management System or CMS)

If you go with a blogger you don’t need to purchase a hosting plan you need to purchase a domain name or if you can also go with free .Blogspot domain by Google.

Selecting Domain & Hosting Provider

After choosing platform you need to choose your domain name provider and hosting provider if you want to start with WordPress but if you going with blogger you don’t need hosting. Selecting a hosting provider also depends on your budget, some best hosting provider are following below.

  • Godaddy
  • Namecheap
  • Site ground
  • Blue Host

Starting With WordPress to start a blog

After Purchasing hosting and domain you need to install WordPress, you can download WordPress for free. After installing WordPress you need to pick an awesome theme for your blog, you can go with a free theme.

For some visionary beginner bloggers, the world isn’t sufficient. The reserve of free subjects doesn’t fulfill their specific want for the look and feel they are going for. There are two different choices you can investigate, premium, and custom topics. However, they cause an expense, here and there a little one, on different occasions a significant sum.

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Premium subjects are made by both single designers and devoted grandstand sites. The value extends for single-use licenses ranges from $30 to $500, contingent upon which premium subject you pick.

Post Content & Promote

After creating your blog you need to post content related to your niche and promote it. You can post content daily as required. Content is the king so you need to focus on your content to get more traffic and visitors.

Now your question would be how to promote your content and how to get traffic, You can get traffic from social media, Whatsapp group, and the most powerful source is from organic ways like Google Search. To get traffic from google you need to learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

How to Earn Money from a Blog

After all the question arises on how to make money from a blog?

You can earn money from many sources, you can monetize your blog through Google Adsense, Media dot net. You can also earn through affiliate links.

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