How To Start Freelancing in 2020

Freelancing is one of the best ways to earn money online. Here you will know about how to start freelancing in 2020. Freelancing is an affordable and easiest way to make money without any investment. In freelancing, you are self-employed but you need to work on a regular basis. One of the best benefits of freelancing is you can start from your home with zero investment.

How to start freelancing in 2020 to make money

How to start freelancing in 2020 to make money

What you need to Start Freelancing

Before starting freelancing you need to focus on some important things that you need, some of the following below.


First of all, you must have resources to Start freelancing You must have a good internet connection a mobile, and a good laptop. If you have only a Mobile phone you can start but it is not a better option.


To start freelancing you must have any skill. I hope you have a skill or learning something to start freelancing. If you have no skill you cannot do better freelancing and the best option for you to learn any skills like Graphic Designing, Web Development, SEO, Digital Marketing, Application Development, or any other. You can learn these skills online for free from youtube or google you can also get paid courses from Udemy.

Famous Website to start Freelancing

Ther are hundreds of freelancing platforms available on the internet to start your freelancing journey almost all are free to start. Some are following below

How to Start Freelancing with Fiverr

Fiverr is the most famous website to start freelancing in 2020. In Fiverr every job starts from 5$ so its name is Fiverr. In Fiverr you need to create your gig as a seller people will contact you after reviewing your profile and gig. As a seller also you can send a request to buyers who want to hire someone. Fiverr is an international online marketplace so probably you will get orders from foreign countries.


upwork market place

Upwork market place

Upwork is also one of the famous online market places for freelancers. Upwork is the best place to find more clients and to grow your business.

Opportunity to chip away at perfect ventures. On Upwork, you maintain your own business and pick your own customers and ventures. Simply complete your profile and we’ll feature perfect occupations. Additionally, search tasks, and react to customer solicitations.

Wide assortment and significant salary. Customers are presently posting occupations in many aptitude classifications, following through on top cost for incredible work.

Increasingly more achievement. The more prominent the achievement you have on ventures, the more probable you are to get employed by customers that utilization Upwork.

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