Admissions Open Fall 2021 in Superior University-Apply Now Online

Admissions Open in Superior University.

Superior University is one of the Top Private Universities in Pakistan. Now Admissions Open Fall 2021 in Superior University. Interested Students can Apply now to get Admissions are secure their Seats at the Superior University of Pakistan. Admissions are open on all the campuses of this University.[Gift University Gujranwala Admissions-2021]

The Superior University of Pakistan offers all the Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D., and Doctoral Programs.

Admissions Open Fall 2021 in Superior University:

Admissions open in the following undergraduate programs in this Superior University of Fall session 2021.

Department of Business and Aviation Management:

  1. Bachelors in Business Administration
  2. BS Aviation Management
  3. BS Hospitality and Tourism Management
  4. BS AirCraft Management
  5. BS Construction Management
  6. BS Project Management

Medical Department:

  1. MBBS
  2. Doctor of Physiotherapy
  3. BS Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  4. BS Medical Imaging Technology
  5. BS Optometry
  6. Doctor of Pharmacy
  7. BS Health Care Management
  8. BS Medical Laboratory Technology
  9. BS Molecular Biology
  10. BS Microbiology
  11. BS Botany
  12. BS Zoology
  13. Bachelor of Eastern Medicine and Surgery
  14. BDS
  15. BS Biochemistry
  16. BS Biotechnology
  17. BS Anesthesia
  18. BS Dental Technology
  19. BS Public Health
  20. BS Forensic Science
  21. BS Clinical Psychology
  22. BS Sociology
  23. BS Anthropology
  24. BS Criminology and Security Studies

Department of Arts and Designing:

  1. BS Accounting and Finance
  2. Bachelors of Textile Design
  3. Bachelors of Interior Design
  4. Bachelors of Architecture
  5. B.Com in Accounting and Finance
  6. BS Statistics

Department of Engineering:

  1. BSc HVAC Engineering Technology
  2. BS Computer Science
  3. BS Information Technology
  4. BS Software Engineering
  5. BS Data Science
  6. BS Mass Communication
  7. BS Electrical Engineering
  8. BS Electrical System
  9. BSc Electronics Engineering Technology
  10. BS Civil Engineering
  11. BS Physics
  12. BS Mathematics
  13. BS Artificial Intelligence (Morning)
  14. BS Cyber Security (Morning)
  15. ADP Database Management
  16. ADP Web design and Development
  17. BS Robotics
  18. BS Mechanical Engineering

Department of Education:

  1. BS English
  2. BS Library Science
  3. BS Education
  4. BS Economics
  5. BS Islamic Studies and Finance
  6. BS Gaming and Multimedia.
  7. BS History
  8. BS Urdu
  9. BS Islamic Studies
  10. BS Pakistan Studies
  11. BS Political Sciences
  12. BS International Relation

Department of Law:

  1. LLB

[Law Admissions are Open in these Universities]

Admissions Open in all above-mentioned Programs

How to Apply:

  • You can Apply Online by Clicking HERE and Filling Form
  • You can Also Apply Offline by visiting Superior University.

For More Details About Superior University Click on the Link Below to Visit their Official Website.

Superior University

Fee Structure of Superior University

Admissions Open Fall 2021 in Superior University-Apply Now Online
Admissions Open Fall 2021 in Superior University-Apply Now Online

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