Difference Between Computer Science and Software Engineering

If you are a student of intermediate or You have cleared your intermediate and you have an interest in Computer field. As you all Know that The field of Computers is appreciating everywhere in Pakistan and all over the World. The field of Compute is very broad. The Scope of the Computer field is very huge.

If you are a student and have an interest in the Computer field then one question must appear in your mind that, Which field is better Computer Science or Software Engineering? What is the difference between Computer Science and Software Engineering?  These two fields are the top trending fields in Pakistan and all over the World.

In this article, I will tell you about the Difference between Computer Science and Software Engineers and also about the jobs for Computer Science and Software Engineering Graduates. Basically, These two fields are related to Computer. As you know that every work is online on Computers or Laptops. 

Many Students want to Join one field from Computer Science or Software Engineering. These are 4 years program after intermediate. The Program is known as Bachelor(BS) in Computer Science or Bachelor in Software Engineering.

The difference between these two programs is as under:

  • Computer Science:

Computer Science is the study of Computational Machines, Algorithm processes, and Computation. Basically, Computer Science is the study of computing and Computers as well as their theoretical and practical applications. In a Computer Science program, you have to study Theory, Coding, Programming, Algorithms, and math, and many other subjects in 4 years.

Computer Science is a non-engineering program, By studying Computer Science, You can’t be called an Engineer But you can be called a Computer Scientist. Computer Scientists have to find solutions for the problems regarding Computers or Software. Computer Scientists also have knowledge about the Hardware of computers.

The field of Computer Science is regarded as the top field all over the world due to its demand. Computer Science is one of the best degree programs for studying.

Computer Science applies the principle of mathematics and Engineering. Computer Scientists may calculate and theorize the aspects of software and software systems in the design and development phases. In the Computer Science course, You may study the fundamentals of Computer Science, Compilers and Operating System, Theory of Computing, Basic Programming, Software Development, and Information Theory, etc.

Computers are part of every aspect of modern life Job satisfaction in this field High. If you like to find the solutions to Problems and problem solving Or You have an interest in Mathematics and Logical testing then The field of Computer Science is best for you. This field is regarded for you.

Computer scientists can get high-paying jobs in Pakistan and all over the World.

How to study Computer Science:

In the Whole World, Universities are offering Computer Science degree programs for students. The Best University for Computer Science in the World is Oxford University and University Stanford. The Best University for Computer Science in Pakistan is FAST(National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences).

  • Software Engineering:

Software Engineering is a discipline of engineering that is concerned with all aspects of software production. It is the branch of computer science which deals with the design, implementation, and development of computer and software programs and Applications.

Software Engineering is an Engineering Program That is also 4 years degree program. After graduation in BS Software Engineer, You can be called a Software Engineer. Software Engineering is a very Vast field.

The fields of Software Engineering are software requirements, Designing of Software, development of Software(Software developing), Testing the Software, and maintenance of Software. Software Engineers have to study Programming, Coding, Languages(Java, HTML, C++, etc), and many other major subjects.

Software Engineers by using their skills, Technology, and practice from a variety of fields to improve their productivity in creating Software to improve the Quality of their Software, Applications, and delivered products.

The main work of Software Engineers is to designing and creating Applications, Software, and, updating their Softwares, and maintain the Quality of Softwares and Applications. They create applications in Android and IOS versions for both users.

In Pakistan, Many Students wants to become Software Engineers because of their earning, Personality, and form of work.

How to Study Software Engineering:

A large number of universities offering BS in Software Engineering. The Best University for Software Engineering is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In Pakistan, The Best university for Software Engineering is the Sir Sayed University of Technology.

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