How to Study Smarter not Harder (05 Tips)

How to Study Smarter?

This Says that “Only Legends know the trick of Study Smarter and not Harder”. If You also want to be one of those then this article is just for you. Because in this article, we are going to talk about 05 Tips that will help you to Score Well and also Stand out.

How to Study Smarter not Harder? 

05 Tips for Studying Smarter not harder are given below.

Spaced Repetition:

Spaced Repetition is a technique that allows you to buy all things and give prior to your Exams and not one night before the exam. Spaced Repetition is when you learn the lesson while the teacher explains the lecture on day one. Then revisit and review the same thing on day two. Revisit and review on the 3rd Day as well. And then revisit after a week.

Use Pictures:

Using Pictures while starting actually increases your concentration level and helps you to remember what you have studied for a longer period of time. You can do this by Drawing by Setting Pictures related to what you are studying.

Read Out Loud:

By Reading your answers aloud You know to train your mind but also the other areas of your body like Mouth. By doing this You will also be more active and less bored by Studying which interns in helping Studies even better than before.

Use Point to Point Formula:

One way of Studying Smarter is while you Studying. Always make sure you associate one key point for an Answer. In this way, You train your mind to remember that one key point and intern remember the whole answer.

Find Examples:

One of the smartest ways of Studying is to read any answer along with an Example. By learning the answer along with the Example helps you to remember for a longer period of time. Hence Study Smarter instead of Harder.

These are some proven tips that can help you to Know about How to Study Smarter not Harder.

How to Study Smarter not Harder (05 Tips)
How to Study Smarter not Harder?

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