Top 5 Fiverr Gig Ideas to Start Freelancing in 2020

Hello! do you want to start freelancing and have no idea, So here you will know about Top 5 Fiverr gig ideas to Start Freelancing in 2020 and make money. Choosing your niche for freelancing is difficult, there are hundreds of freelancing opportunities but here we are going to share some best ideas.

Top 5 fiverr gig ideas to start freelancing

Top 5 Fiverr gig ideas to start freelancing

Top 5 Fiverr Gig Ideas

  1. Graphic  Designing
  2. Mobile App Development
  3. WordPress Designer
  4. Digital Marketer
  5. Backlinks Service Provider

Graphic Designing

As you every business needs Graphic Designer, so you can say that freelancing as a Graphic designer will not eliminate, but in 2020 to start Graphic Designing you need creativity to satisfy your clients. You can offer your services in Fiverr, Upwork, and also in Freelancer.

As a graphic designer, you must have communication skills, creativity, Branding skills, Typography, etc.

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Mobile App Development

The second skill to start freelancing in 2020 is the Mobile App Development, as you every business is just going to online so many companies want their android apps for customer needs. To be an expert in Mobile app development you have skills like programming with JAVA and some other languages. You can also offer these services in Upwork and other freelance platforms.

WordPress Designer

The third one skills are the WordPress designer which is very easy than other skills to learn. WordPress is a CMS platform from we can build a web application. After learning WordPress you can offer services like WordPress Designing, Bugs fixing, website customization, etc.

You can learn WordPress from youtube in just 1-2 months. Digiskills also offer a free course in Urdu languages.

Digital Marketing

Every business is going online so companies are more likely to digital marketing over traditional banners etc. A digital marketer can boost sales of any business. As a digital marketer you must-have skills like Social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Branding, etc.

You can also offer services individually as an SEO expert, Social media manager, Business online advertisement.

Backlink Services

Backlinks servicer is one of the most selling services in Fiverr. It’s an off-page SEO technique to rank websites in search engines. You can offer both manual and automatic backlinks after learning this skill. You can learn off-page SEO from youtube or Google.

If you want to learn complete SEO its a good opportunity to make money go to youtube and search about it. SEO is a trending skill from which people are earning great in 2020. After learning Search Engine optimization you can start blogging, Freelancing.

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