How to Improve Communication Skills

Communication Skills Plays an important role in gaining and becoming Successful in Life.

Have you ever played Chinese Whispers?

This is the game where you carry a message that was told to you by the First Person Then you take that message to the Second Person and your message will be carried from the Second Person to the third and the chain goes on but you know the fun part. The Fun Part is that the message told by the First Person will be something very different and funny. By the time, it has reached the fifth or sixth person. I share this because the key element to this game is effective communication You mess up because of many tiny glitches along the chain and Today We will be talking about the same glitches in our day-to-day life.

Tips to Improve Communication Skills

  • Listening:

Remember as much as you want to be heard the opposite person would also want the same from you. To have the most effective communication you need to always listen to what the other person is saying. No Matter what they are saying always give your  100 Percent to be a good listener.

People Enjoy having conservation when the other person is not just talking continuously but listening to also a mini bonus tip is while you are listening to someone.
Nod your Head gently this assures the Opposite Person that you are paying attention to them and hence that creates a better impression.

  • Be on Point:

A Wise Man Said, “You need to respect someone else’s time as much as you would want your time to be respected”.

And that is very true see the Point is that When you talk you need to also understand that the Other Person is taking your their time out to speak and Hence it is very important to know that you cannot just keep talking and talking and talking But Rather be on Point and this will also help the other person to initiate conservation with you because they know that you are talking sense and on Point.

  • Body Language:

Your Body Language plays a huge role in effective communication this is because when you are quiet it’s only through your body language that you can talk some of the things you need to keep in mind is folding of your hands and this Portrays that you disagree or you are shutting the Opposite Person’s Opinion. When you yawn you tend to give a message that you are not interested in the other Person’s talk. When you keep shaking your legs it does mean that you want to leave.

  • Tone of your Voice:

If you actually notice when you talk it won’t be your words that may hurt People But Your tone of voice would that’s right believe it or not but people do pay attention to your tone of voice. When you talk and most importantly the arguments and miscommunication occur because people not have paid attention to their tone of voice. So remember To have effective communication you need to watch your tone of voice. Usually, a Calm and Soft tone of voice works wonders.

  •  Smile:

One thing you can add to make your communication an effective one is having a decent smile on your face while you talk now make sure that you are not creeping the Person out. Don’t fake a smile but keep your smile a genuine one by this you gain the opposite person’s confidence and trust while talking and hence making your conversation more effective.

These are some Proven Effective tips that can improve your Communication Skills. Try to follow these Tips in your Routine Life. And tell us in the Comment Section if these are helpful for you.// Communication Skills/Communication Skills

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