Top Engineering Fields after Intermediate.

As you know that Engineering has a Huge Scope in all over the world. Engineering is the most chosen field after medical. Engineering has a wide career. Every year, thousands of students get admission in various fields of engineering in various colleges and universities.

Nowadays, An Increase in the number of population and an increase in the rate of unemployment has made every person/students to think about his/her career and future. In this article, I will completely guide you about the top fields and scope of Engineering.

Keep in mind Try to choose the engineering course on the basis of your interest.

Engineering is the use of scientific methods to design and build machines, structures, and other items like Bridges, Roads, Buildings, and Vehicles, etc.

Now we discuss the  Best Fields of Engineering:

  • Software Engineering: 

Software engineering has now become the largest field in Pakistan and all over the World. Nowadays, the demand of computer and software engineers is at a high level. You know that the IT industry thriving all over the world.

Basically, Software Engineering based on Programming, Language, Coding, Designing, Software development, and Project Management, etc.

This field has vast Potential. It can make an interested and sincere person a Dollar Millionaire.

Scope of Software Engineering:

A large variety of carrier options are available in the field of Software Engineering.

  1.        Software Engineers can work in Software Houses, also they can run their own software house anywhere.
  2.        They can work online and sell their services on a freelance marketplace.
  3.        They should be in the IT industry. If anyone has an interest in Politics, You can be IT Minister.
  4.        You can get a government job as a cybersecurity engineer.
  5.        They can a developer of Java and Python.
  6.        They can do a job as a computer operator in any Government and Private Institute.
  7.        You can be a teacher in the Computer field after completing software Engineering.
  8.        You can be a Software developer, Web developer, Computer system Analyst, and Information security Analyst, etc.

NOTE:    Software Engineering is the biggest field at a time. Software Engineers have many career options in life.

  • Communication Engineering:

Communication Engineering includes the mode of communication include the Internet, Radio, Broadband, Satellite, and Wireless Telephone service, etc.

It is the branch of electrical engineering to study and enhance the telecommunication system. It is also called Telecom Engineering. Students which do this engineering can be called Telecom Engineers.

Telecom Engineers monitor and measure the performance of networks. They also Diagnose network and device problems and give them technical solutions.

Scope Of Communication Engineering:

Scope of Telecom Engineering is limited in Pakistan But This Field has a variety of scope all over the World. In Pakistan, This is due to over flooding of university graduates in the past few years. However, this field expected to grow and show maturity in the coming years.

  1.         You can do a job as a telecom Engineer in Telecom Industry and Phone call companies like Jazz, Zong, and Warid, etc.
  2.         You can get a job in Radio Stations and Music Studio or Film Industry.
  3.         If You have potential you can make a company like PTCL and Fiber or Tenda etc.
  4.         You can do a job to analyze the security of systems, networks, and Data in any big company.
  5.         You can spread your own internet connection in any area and get the fee from everyone per month.
  6.         You can also provide internet service and  T.V cable to customers. You can run your own network.
  7.         Telecom Engineers can also get a job as a cable operator.
  8.         Telecom Engineers get easily high-paying jobs to get charge of all the control of the communication networks of specific Areas.
  9.         This is one of the best options for moving abroad after completing this degree for Pakistani Students.

  • Chemical Engineering:

Chemical Engineering is all about changing raw material into useful products such as food, clothes, energy, and drinks, etc. Chemical Engineers develop and design chemical manufacturing processes. Chemical Engineers use the laws of Chemistry, Maths, Biology, and Physics to solve problems that involve in the production of Food, Drugs, Chemicals, Fuels, and many other things.

Chemical engineers conduct research and develop the process of manufacturing Chemicals.

Chemical Engineering has a wide scope all over the world. It is a four-year program after intermediate.

Scope of Chemical Engineering:

Chemical Engineering is the best carrier for those who have an interest in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. There are plenty of carrier options for Chemical Engineers. Chemical Engineers have many benefits.

  1.     Chemical Engineers can get a job in Chemical Industries or Factories.
  2.     Chemical engineers also work in Gas and Oil extraction Industries, Oil Refineries, and AgroChemicals, etc.
  3.     If You have potential and you are sincere with your field. You can also work at NASA. NASA also hire chemical engineers for manufacturing Chemicals.
  4.     Chemical Engineers also Work in the Pharmaceutical industry.
  5.     You can also get a high paying job in the Government sector in the atomic energy commission.
  6.     You can also work in NESCOM and Nuclear Industry as a chemical engineer.
  7.     You can also work in Laboratories or Forensic Laboratory as a chemical Engineer.
  8.     Chemical Engineers can also work in the Power Generation Industry, Manufacturing Industry, and Food Industry.


There is a lot of carrier options for Chemical Engineers. Chemical Engineering has a wide Scope in Pakistan and all over the World.

  • Aerospace Engineering(Aviation):

Aerospace Engineering is the primary field of engineering concerned with the development of Aircraft and Spacecraft. Aerospace Engineers design primarily Aircraft, Spacecraft, Satellite, and Missiles. They also create and test prototypes to make sure that they function accordingly to design.

This is a four-year engineering degree program. This is mainly the study of Aeroplanes and maintenance of airplanes and functioning the system of the airline. This is one of the trending fields of Engineering. Aviation has a vast scope all over the world.

Scope of Aerospace Engineering(Aviation):

Aerospace engineers can get jobs in all the following companies.

  1.     Pakistan/ Abroad  Air force.
  2.     Aircraft manufacturing Companies.
  3.     As a Teacher in Universities or Colleges.
  4.     Pakistan Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission.
  5.     Missile Development Factories.
  6.     Nuclear Energy Commission.
  7.     Space Research Organization.
  8.     Helicopter Manufacturing Companies.
  9.     Commercial Airline.
  10.     If You know about flying and also have the Flying course with Aviation You can get a job as a Pilot and Wing Commander.


Besides these Opportunities, Aerospace Engineers have a lot of carrier options to survive and continue their profession.


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